I recently jailbroke my 3g iPhone on 4.0.1. Previously I was JB on 3.1.2 and I was interested to see how multitasking worked in the new OS.

It looks like the new "multitasking" from Apple is just a pause button that freezes apps in their current state. When I double click the home button, it shows all the apps I have loaded, either stock, app store, or JB apps. However, when I open SbSettings and tap on the "processes" button, it only shows some of the apps as being "mutitasked", but does not show all the apps that are shown in Apple's "dock" that shows apps currently running.

Also, SbSettings shows some apps as running even though I have killed them off.

Any idea why this is? I'm not so sure I like Apple's version of multitasking as it seems to automatically freeze everything when you open it, and doesn't give you the option of having it shut down totally when you close it. Instead, you have to kill the process manually.