Right I had a 3g phone and my upgrade was due on 29 th June so I was gonna get the iPhone 4 . So then they changed the unlimited data plan round the world to taly up with the iPhone 4 release right, so I decided I needed the data more than an iPhone 4 so on 13 th of June I paid to get out of my 3g contract and also paid to upgrade to the 32g white iPhone 3gs and was advised that because I have upgraded before the 24 th of June I would still have my unlimited data with 3gs for the length of my 18 month contract as opposed to if I had gone for iPhone 4 which I intially wanted.So at that point I was still happy with O2 right also they said if had got an iPhone 4 I would have got unlimited data up until 1st of October . So today I recieve a text message from o2 saying as of first of October I will then have a data cap of 1 g on my phone even though I had the unlimited data so now they said I have to wait 48 hours for them to pull/ listen to the call to see if I was miss sold item so they charged me to upgrade they charged me for the 32g 3gs they also doubled the price of my insurance and now they have the cheek to do this so now I have to wait 48 hours to see what happens so do I ask for refund , free insurance , change it to an iPhone 4 if they swap it for what I wanted intially. Cause this STUNT O2 are trying to pull on me is pure cheddar and not impressed at ALL . WHAT does anyone think to this is this right behaviour and what should I do or more to the point if this was you what would you do? Cheers everyone