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Thread: [iPodOut WebSheet DemoApp AdSheet TrustMe] What are they?

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    just happened here as well

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    always happening to me! maybe everytime i sync???

    3GS ios 4.0.1

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    Is the latest jailbreak causing this or is a cydia update needed..?

    I guess we'll have to wait for Saurik or comex ...?


    Edit ..I think this has something to do with the rock you guys affected by any chance have mywi my3g or had rock installed...?

    Try re-installing source gui.
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    It's not rock or jailbreakme. It happens on my phone that doesn't have rock and was jailbroken with pwnage. If I had to guess it something with the way libhide works with ios4

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    I'm using iPhone 4, but this should work for everyone.

    Anyone having this problem probably has SBSettings installed and have chosen to hide icons, in my case it was Nike+iPod.

    Go into your SBSettings and re-enable standard icons(the ones that came on your phone)... Go back to springboard and those white icons should be gone... now go back into SBSettings and re-hide your problem icon.

    If problem persists, you may need to just keep that icon enabled and stick it in a folder you dont use or something.

    Hope it works!

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    Default SysPartition
    Has anyone else installed this? I have it on 1 iPod that is showing this problem I have not installed it on my otherone and it is fine.

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    Well I've been having problems with this since updating to 4.0.1 last week, every time I updated an App Store app, those icons would appear.

    Yet today it didn't really happen and I updated several apps. Never saw those icons.

    Last night I did switch the Nike icon off in SBS even though it was already off in the phone's settings. The icons suddenly appeared after that, I resprung, and I don't think I've seen them since.

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    You shouldn't be worried. All these apps are ligit background proccesses from apple. They sometimes appear after a JB. The iPodOut app is for connecting to a car stereo (like EyePoper said). I think a new BMW will have this feature. iAd or AdSheet or both I think are to do with Ads? Not sure... DemoApp seems to me to be like a beta testing thing... perhaps apple uses it while ipod/iphones are under development? TrustMe is to tell your iDevice when to accept cookies from websites (totally unsure of this). As for WebSheet your guess is as good as mine But I can tell you one thing for sure, all of these have a ligit apple signature.
    Sorry for long winded explination...
    Happy JailBreaking!!

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    You guys are correct, this error is due to a bug with libhide when choosing to hide icons. Go into SBSettings and turn off libhide under Mobile Substrate and see if that helps. I don't believe you need libhide unless you're looking to hide specific icons.

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    WebSheet is used when your wireless network requires you to goto a page first to log-in. Anyway, respring always does the trick for me.

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    Default AdSheet, TrustMe, WebSheet?
    I don't seem to find an answer about these hidden apps I found on my iPhone.

    After JB using LimeRain, I found these hidden 3 unrecognized apps when I open POOF or iFile I downloaded from Cydia.

    What are these apps for?

    1. AdSheet
    2. TrustMe
    3. WebSheet

    Anyone knows what are these apps?

    I got a response from a different wesite forums. Only one responsed that the apps were.

    1. AdSheet--is for collecting passwords
    2. TrustMe-- is for collecting Account numbers
    3. WebSheet-- is for collecting Contacts

    Were these true?
    Anyone have the apps on their iphone?

    You can see the hidden apps by using iFile or Poof from cydia.

    Please advice.....

    i've done respring but the apps still there. also i went to one of the forums for iphone and response with the following.

    were these true?

    1. AdSheet--is for collecting passwords
    2. TrustMe-- is for collecting Account numbers
    3. WebSheet-- is for collecting Contacts
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    I just respring and forget about them. The current jailbreak is a bit tentative anyway - what's an extra respring once in a while?

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    uhh the last post before yours was just over 1 year ago. I haven't seen this issue since iOS 4.0.1 actually, and as I recall there was some Cydia package update that fixed the issue. Haven't heard of it since then, even on the current iOS 5 jailbreak options.

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    i used ifile to delete adsheet from my iphone files. adsheet is gone now, and my iphone works just fine. i would go ahead and delete websheet and the others, but i'll wait until you or some other source lets me know it's safe to do so. i might do it anyway. i can always do a restore, but it took me over a week to get my iphone just the way i want it. i backed up my apps and phone, but it would still take a while to put all my music and stuff back on my phone. you try it first.

    i tried it. i took out adsheet, iad, websheet and trustme. rebooted with no problems so far. running fine. btw, i read that certain apps come with marketing tools that track usage. my iphone use is my business!
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