I orignally posted this on UnlimitedCases.Com ,but i figured I'd like to share this tutorial throughout different communities in hope of helping newcomers such as myself.

(Note: This video was created by me.)


Before We Begin...

I would appreciate it if you took time to watch the video i worked hard to make for you guys and in the case that you don't understand a certain thing then use the written guide as a reference to answer your queries and if something is still troubling you then you may ask me via youtube comment or forum post.


( Written Guide )

You will need these following things:

(1) a Jailbroken iPodTouch/iPhone / or iPad.

(2) the application "display recorder" which can be found on the cydia store for 5$.

(3) either the stock voice recorder that comes with your iphone or the one which i use "irecorder pro" for 3$ in the official App store. (Note: For ipod touch or ipad users you will need those special headphones with the mic built-in or if you such as myself had purchased guitar hero world tour or another game that comes with a usb-microphone then you can use that as well to record your voice with a program called "Audacity."

(4) ProSwitcher (VERY VERY VERY! Important, this program makes it so you can multi-task on ios 3.1.2 or any ios below 4.0. Note: I do not recommend MultiFl0w!)

(5) A good editing software on your computer to edit the videos (should be able to edit avi and mov files...)

(6)"Backgrounder Badge" You don't NEED this, but it's helpful for first time users of ProSwitcher.

(7) Winterboard (This is what makes "backgrounder badge" work.)


Once you have all the things that i have written above we will be able to continue.


Ok now go onto your iDevice's settings and configure "Display Recorder" to these settings (or if you wanna mess around with them then go ahead, i will explain what each does...)

--Display Recorder Settings--

Activation Methods - You can change this to your likings.
OpenGL Capture - Without this on you will get a black screen when recording ANY 3D game.
Detect Duplicates - In the off-set chance that it doubles a video you don't want it taking up room on your iDevice.
Grayscale- I have it off because I'm not sure what it does exactly.
Video Quality- You have the choices of LOW/MEDIUM/or HIGH. I use medium on really hardware stressing 3D games and on 2d I use high. There's not a hugely noticeable difference to be honest.
Rotation- Depending on what you plan on recording make sure you pick the setting that best suits your needs.
Show Taps- I have When Recording which is put on by default, it's the white circles you see on my videos which shows people where your fingers are and is helpful for pointing out certain things so i suggest you keep it on, but they can be hidden so they don't show up.
Tap Size- By default it's on medium and i left it, I think it's the perfect size, but if you wanna mess around with those settings go ahead. (Large would be good for iPad users.)
Framerate- Is 20 i believe by default, but i set mine to 15 just to make sure on hardware stressing 3D games it doesn't lag too bad. (You may fiddle around with this setting to your likings.)
Web Server- You definitely want to put this on because this way you can download the videos from your iDevice onto your computer with a user-given destination. On the iDevice itself in the app it only allows you to delete or upload the video to youtube which since it doesn't record audio it's no good. To find the web server (MAKE SURE WIFI IS ON Otherwise it won't work) go into the actual app and hit ABOUT, then a message bubble will pop-up telling you the ip address you need to enter into your internet's address bar. Then you should see all the videos, click on one and save it to your desktop or where-ever you won't lose it.


Now once you've successfully configured your display recorder and have chosen which voice recorder you'd like to use you will be well on your way to making your first video!

Alright so for people who have never used ProSwitcher before download this off of cydia, "Backgrounder Badge." You will need to download "winterboard" and check it off in winterboard for it to work. Basically what this does is when you open an app and then activate pro switcher and you aren't sure whether or not it's running in the background of your iDevice, on the homepage there will be an icon in the bottom left hand corner of the icon of the app which you are trying to run in the background... This tells you if you successfully have it running in the background. Now get your "Display Recorder" running in the background, get your "voice recording app" running in the background, and open up the game which you are trying to record. Now once that game fully loads up and you are on the menu where it says "tap to start" or maybe it doesn't have that TITLE Menu, and it's just the main menu, it doesn't matter which. Now activate ProSwitcher again and go into (either "display recorder" or "your voice recording app") and start one then activate ProSwitcher again and start the other. I personally start the voice first i don't know why i just like doing it that way. Now activate your ProSwitcher once again and go into your game or app you are reviewing. Then talk and do your thing. Then once you are done recording activate ProSwitcher and end the voice recording and video. Now download these things to your desktop (or whatever folder you want) and open up a video editor of your choice (mine is Sony Vegas Pro 8.0) and edit your video and maybe throw an intro in there. (If you would like to find good intro tutorials for sony vegas then i recommend checking out this YouTuber * Sony Vegas Pro Intro Tutorials! * You can use other editors of course in case you have to many problems with sony vegas (common problems : not being able to see video from AVIs and MOVs which is a codec related problem usually , Just google it if you have trouble and if you REALLY HONESTLY can't find a fix then come to me and i'd be glad to help.) Render the video, Upload it to youtube and share it with us...


You are more than welcome to post your first video in the App Store section and i'm sure members of the forum wouldn't mind assisting you in telling you what you need to improve on, complimenting you and what not. So thanks a lot for reading it took me a while to write this, though i didn't write it all in one-shot i did write different parts throughout the day. So if I helped you in some way then you could subscribe to me on youtube. You can naviagate to my yotube account by going to the url ( iPhoneLuvin4Realz Youtube Channel! or pressing twice on the youtube logo in the video. Once again thanks for reading and have a nice day.