Here are a few tips and tricks to increase the battery life on your i-device that is running os4.0

The device might be losing the battery juice faster because the new os has new features especially the multitasking wasting alot of the battery life.

Here are a few tips to increase your battery life:

-Turn off multitasking apps that you dont need.
-Turn off mulitasking completely. If you dont know how then reply or message me and i will tell/show you how. (jailbroken device).
-Turn of spotlight search (also makes the device run more smoother).
-Bring brightness down to less than half.
-Turn off notifications and alerts
-Turn off location services
-Leave bluetooth off
-Have autolock enabled in case you forget to lock your phone.
-When not needing to use 3G, turn it off.
-Turn off wifi when there is no internet available otherwise your device will be searching constantly for a network which takes alot of battery life.

Hope this helps you increase your battery life.. turn off the features that you wont need, if you need some like notifications then keep them on if youre a business man or something.