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Thread: Iphone 4 hardware/firmware/software issue. My phone won't work. Please help me.

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    Default Iphone 4 hardware/firmware/software issue. My phone won't work. Please help me.

    I have an issue with my iphone 4.. I got it the day before launch and have been using it perfectly without and problems really.. Till recently I tried to restore my phone so I could use an old backup of mine to retrieve some old texts and contacts.. Now the in the middle of doing this itunes/iphone failed. Now my iPhone 4 won't work at all.. Its stuck on the USB cable plug into itunes screen.. I keep trying to restore it and I get different error codes in the middle of it everytime. It will fail when the white bar on the phone gets just passed halfway and on the computer it says "restoring iPhone firmware"

    I've tried different cables, different computers, restarting windows, hard reseting the phone, powering the phone on and off, SHIFT+RESTORE.. Everything! Yes I even downloaded IOS 4 seperately and did Shift+Restore and that didn't work.

    I've gotten error codes 9, 14, and 3014. Searched hours and hours on the web and cannot find answers..

    Everytime I plug in my phone itunes opens and tells me my phone is in recovery mode and I need to restore.. It will not restore.

    I'm having the exact problem this man's son is having:

    Apple - Support - Discussions - New iPhone 4 wont sync or restore ...

    Please help!

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    Try putting the iphone into duf mode!

    Hook phone to computer and wait for itunes to open and reconize the phone!

    Turn off phone!

    Hold the power button and the home button for 10 sec then release power button while continuing to hold the home button for another 30 seconds or untill itunes sees the phone and tells you it needs to be restored then simply restore!

    If you get the usb cable to itunes picture on your phone its in recovery mode not duf mode just try again from turn your phone off!

    Duf mode will be black screen on the iphone but itunes will reconize it as needing restore~
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    In progress of doing what you said.. Followed instructions.. Itunes recognized phone but phone was still black screen.. Finally phone turned bright white then powered on and now its at the apple screen with loading bar under. Says "restoring iphone software".. Hopefully this DUF or DFU mode works

    Didn't work.. Error 14.. ****.
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    Sorry to hear that. Have you tried to use a program that can kick it out off the recovery loop? Tinyumbrella, irecovery. Or maybe put it in dfu mode while not connected. Good luck

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    Ugh! Just tried it again in DFU mode but with SHIFT+RESTORE and I got error 9 and again stuck at the "restoring firmware" screen. This sucks, I've been using iphones since they came out and never had this happen. I'm on ATNT and have not tried jailbreaking/hacking with the phone at all

    How do I do DFU mode while not plugged in?

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    I just said try. Ive never tried so i was just brainstorming lol. If you have a mac i just remembered the name of an awesome little program called rslite. You use it with terminal.

    Search on youtube "get out of recovery boot loop. Alot of helpful videos.
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