My exchange account with work has always worked fine. Even with my new iphone 4. two days ago it stopped working and i dont know why. i have tried everything i could find on the net. any suggestions ? ive reset network settings, installed the apple profile ect ect. says cannot verify account settings. It doesnt make sense it was working fine. our webmail went out for a few hours and when it came back up my iphone wouldnt reconnect. im about to get a droid cause whats the point of this if i cant get my email ? i miss my 3gs i really hate this phone. the signal has no bars and my 3gs has full wtf. think i may downgrade my 3gs to 3.1.3 and use that again unless someon has a great idea on how to fix this or maybe as to why its not working...This is not a work phone its my personal phone and IT is useless they use blackberries so they are no help.