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Thread: iPhone 4 back glass replacement?

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    Default iPhone 4 back glass replacement?

    The apple logo on the back of my 16GB phone has gotten a scratch on it...I dunno how cause I've been really careful with it while still waiting for a case from Apple. Is there any sites online selling OEM black glass plate so I can replace it? the back over it super simple to remove as I've seen on youtube vids.

    eBay only had fakes, not real OEM products.


    P.S. The Apple logo in the glass seems to be really easy to scratch too...
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    Havent seen any OEM yet.

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    I'll just order a second line of service, swap the back cover out and return lol.
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    Your really willing to void your warranty over a scratch?
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    There is no reason the warranty would be voided. Removing the back cover could be done blind folded, remove the 2 screws at the bottom of the device, the back slides right off (there is nothing else connecting the back to the phone but the screws). Nobody would ever know that I did it.

    YouTube - iPhone 4 Battery Replacement Video Directions By
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dayvidpriddy View Post
    I'll just order a second line of service, swap the back cover out and return lol.
    That is pathetic. Thievery for a scratch.

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    What's even more pathetic is Apple selling new phones with a design flaw...

    And its not thievery, I'm replacing same for same (minus a scratch) I think Apple will survive.
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    It is thievery....if it wasnt they would replace it for you knowingly.

    And there is no design flaw, I carry mine in my pocket all day long everyday and have no scratches since release day.

    Crap happens, man up and deal with it.

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    The design flaw I'm referring to is the antenna issue, I'm having to buy a bumper when I wanted to go comando! It's an even trade. Deal with it.
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    That is just an excuse your using to make yourself feel better Im guessing. You stated in your first post YOUR WAITING ON A CASE, Its still stealing, end of story.


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