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Thread: iPhone 4 video quality

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    Default iPhone 4 video quality
    Has anyone noticed the poor quality recording when recording inside. What I mean by this is that do you notice how grainy the video looks? I took mine into the Apple store and the loser that was help me took maybe a two second look and said it looks fine. I asked how can say it looks fine when you only looked at the video for two seconds. He tells me it's perfectly normal. From all the sample iPhone 4 videos I've seen on YouTube in the same conditions look really clean and clear. I even did a 720p feed and it still look grainy. Anyway I will be meeting with a
    Manager tomorrow so I hope they can exchange out my iPhone 4. That's was the main reason I upgraded and I know some is going to say you should waited. Anyway I first iPhone 4 was crisp and clean that is why I was making a deal out of it. I should off just suffered the poor battery life. O well can change what has been done but I can make it better. The darker and gray areas you can see it really bad. Click on the video to go to youtube actual site and view in 720p. Maybe I might be using the wrong word but you can see the noise in the video. On the i4 it looks allot worse.

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    U must have a defective device. Post up a video u made on your iPhone 4 so we can see what your going through. Transfer video to your computer then upload to YouTube to get full 720p video.

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    It's all about the lighting for the most part. Fluoresce and out door lighting ie. sunlight are gonna look better with these kind of cameras. I'm not the best on the technicalities of these things but I'm pretty sure it comes down to light

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    I hope you can get a new one because the quality on my iPhone 4 is amazing in just about any lighting.

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    The video I took was pure sun light no other source of light.
    The black color you will allot of noise and on the cookie try also. When I took the same video with my first i4 the black was smooth no noise or grainy look same for the gray cookie tray. Before I took my first i4 in I synce all my videos and pictures so I thought, was in a hurry to get to Apple store. But anyaway every thing but my photos and videos was synced.
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