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Thread: iPhone 4, Organically grown.

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    Default iPhone 4, Organically grown.
    With all the hype around the iPhone 4, the recent issues surrounding the horrible "death grip," and the fact that the fix is to use a case or learn how to hold a phone a different way. And with a little Apple is a fruit humor I present to you, my iPhone, organically grown to perfection with a dash of my custom made, high quality bumper case and a lot of shinyness.

    The iPhone 4, organically grown from the mystical Apple trees in a far away and magical place called Cupertino.
    100% natural retina displays make for a clean crisp taste and viewing pleasure. A revolutionary new design. And 500% more awesome.
    Picked off the magical Apple trees when fully ripe, which is noted by its shinyness just before dropping calls*. This new fruit is going to be revolutionary and ...

    hmm I seem to have lost signal again...

    Can I get everyone to turn off their Wi-fi please?
    Thank you.

    Where was I? Oh right. The iPhone 4, with facetime, with retina display, with you. *reliable signal not included.

    Feel free to comment on the story, or share your thoughts to add a little more, or share your thoughts on how something like this signal issue could be fixed, but keep it fun. I encourage you to poke fun at anything you like but do not take offense to anything, or take it much seriously.

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    Ha I like this alot
    Signature cleaned...

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    Nice! I'm at work and the picture wasn't showing up so I had to look at it on my phone. Good ps skills
    Have they released the jailbreak in the app store yet?

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    not much PS editing here except with the black bar and text at the bottom. What you see other than that is part of the real pic. :P
    Besides, the iPhone is from apple, and we all know apples grow on trees. So this goes to explain why some got their iPhones a day early, and also why some are saying they have signal issues, they got a regular apple instead of a magical iPhone apple. Which also explains why WalMart is selling the Apple iPhone.

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    Haha serious wallmart selling iPhone = junk lol

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    Did you spray it with any pesticides? LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by .Sakon View Post
    Did you spray it with any pesticides? LOL
    No, at the magical Apple headquarters they do not need pesticides, as they do not have bugs, only features.

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