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Thread: How to fix your FaceTime, Visual Voicemail, MMS, etc. without losing your app data!

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    Default How to fix your FaceTime, Visual Voicemail, MMS, etc. without losing your app data!
    I just did it, and now it all works! Credit to this guy, just note to backup your pictures and videos, because they don't work for some reason after this method.
    [ame=]Mac Forums - View Single Post - MMS and Cellular Data not working at all[/ame]

    Ok guys, here it is another new fix that covers it all while maintaining your data. (CAUTION: Photos from the camera roll will not work after this method is complete so please back them up to the computer first. I'm not responsible if you lose your pictures.

    This method is based off of dankirsh's SMS Restore method (Only fixes Cellular Data), loveturtle's Non-Corrupted APN Restore method (Only fixes Cellular Data), and my own unique concepts which seem to fix everything and keep data intact minus the photo roll.

    Step 1:

    Windows Users: Navigate to "X:UsersUser NameAppDataRoamingApple ComputerMobileSyncBackup"

    Mac Users: Navigate to "~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/"

    NOTE: "X:" is the drive you installed Windows on and "User Name" is the name of your account on Windows.

    Step 2:

    Move all Backup files to another location to make sure the entire folder is empty.

    Step 3:

    Plug in your iPhone and perform a full backup.

    Step 4:

    After backup completes, disconnect the iPhone and copy the new folder under the backup directory to a separate location perferably named "Old" for ease of use.

    Step 5:

    After folder completes the copying delete it from the backup directory, NOT THE NEW LOCATION.

    Step 6:

    Plug in your iPhone and perform a full restore.

    Step 7:

    Upon completion of restore if iTunes asks to restore from a backup that you select a new configuration. While configuring the iPhone for new settings uncheck all sync boxes including Applications and Data. <-- (IMPORTANT)

    Step 8:

    Right click the iPhone and backup the iPhone.

    Step 9:

    Upon backup completion copy the new backup folder out of the previously mentioned location and copy it to a folder called "New".

    Step 10:

    Delete the backup that was recently created in the Backup folder.

    Step 11:

    Copy the backup located in the previously created "Old" folder to the Backup folder.

    Step 12:

    Upon completion of the copy go into the randomly named folder and delete a file named "8218978e4ab0a48035bb92653145a6be872ea858", then right click the iPhone in iTunes and select "Restore from Backup" and select "Ok" since this is the only backup in the folder.

    Step 13:

    Upon backup restoration completion let your iPhone sync itself with the computer and restore all of your applications. (At this point all is back to what it was like at the beginning of Step 1.)

    Step 14:

    After all of your Applications are synced navigate into the "New" folder and into the backup folder located inside of it, it will be named as a random string of numbers and letters.

    Step 15:

    Copy and overwrite the following files from the randomly named backup in the "New" folder to the "MobileSyncBackupRandomly Named Backup" folder; "Manifest.mbdb", "Manifest.mbdx", and "Manifest.plist", they are located near the very bottom if sorted by name.

    Step 16:

    In iTunes right click the iPhone and "Restore Backup" once again since this is the only backup available, click ok.

    Step 17:

    iTunes will display an error and reboot the iPhone, this is normal.

    Step 18:

    Upon boot of the iPhone, check your Cellular Data, MMS, and VVM to verify all is working fine.

    Step 19:

    If all is working, delete any backup located in the "MobileSync" folder and perform a full backup again. As stated before, your camera roll will not work anymore for your old files. The files appear to be present on the iPhone but are corrupt and will be overwritten when a new photo is taken.

    Enjoy your fully functioning iPhone once again and please keep your OLD backup files as I am not sure if the App Data will backup now. I will have to continue more testing with this.

    FINAL NOTE: Resetting network settings did not break my iPhone after completing this method.

    Update #1: Reports from a few users are indicating this method does work for the iPhone 4 and does fix Face Time. See post #68, #69, and #71 for more information.
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    Just in case anyone still needed this, movin it up

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