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Thread: looping boot

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    Default looping boot
    My iphone started freezing up the other day after if replaced my glass, digitizer, and home button flex cable, the phone would freeze on lock screen or just freeze with a blank screen no backlight or anything. It would only do it if the phone was not being used.

    At the time I was on 3.1.2 so i tried to restore several times to 3.1.2 through recovery mode and dfu mode. I eventually thought i would try something different so I upgrade restored to 3.1.3. then things got real weird, it would start to boot then the screen would flash several different colors and reboot. I eventually got it to boot a couple of times and found out that i have a unresponsive spot in my screen, that lasted about an hour before it froze again and i never got it to boot again. But obviously it never fully restored because when i restored to unjailbroken 3.1.3 and got it to boot my battery % was still there from jailbroken 3.1.2. So I just restored and this is the order things went. I restored to 3.1.3 and then it took forever to boot so i force rebooted then it booted to slide for emergency and froze, then it rebooted by itself then a spinning wheel came up, now it just keeps rebooting.

    Well that was a mouthful lol If anyone can help me fix my phone I would appreciate it so much. I've tried everything I know and dont know what to do anymore im about to sell this phone for parts if i cant fix it. I really dont want to do that though.

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    Sorry to be off topic but it won't let me create a new post. I thought everyone could benefit in knowing it seems the old dock works perfect for the iPhone 4!

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