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Thread: Better to buy from AT&T or apple? Plus quick jb question

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    Default Better to buy from AT&T or apple? Plus quick jb question
    Ok so my gf and I have tmobile and we r thinking about joining AT&T since she gets a discount through work. My question is, is since we r first time customers do we have to go thru AT&T directly or can we goto apple? I want sure if one outlet was better to buy directly from vs the other.

    Also quick. Two guys at my work bought 3g phones. Both r running 3.13 but need them jb/unlock for tmobile. They don't want to upgrade to 4.0 so can I unlock them on 3.13 with redsonow or spirit with windows? Is any more recommended then the other for the 3g?

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    Only because you mentioned your gf's att discount I would recommend going to the att store. Otherwise it doesn't really matter. Tip: Having your gf ask her employer for their FAN # will speed up the process. (FAN # is basically the employee discount code assigned by att, the hr or it dept should be able to get it for her)

    As for the two 3G phones I would recommend redsn0w 0.9.4 and then ultrasn0w 0.93 for the unlock. Using redsn0w will make it easier in the future if they decide to upgrade to 4.0

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    Sweet thanks. Now I'm curious does the fan discount have to be applied right away or can it be applied later on. I only ask cause in case we order online. I'm curious though to her employees that already have AT&T accounts get 24% discount but when she checked it only shows up 8% now. I'm guessing these discounts can change overtime huh? Would her coworkers have the fan number to provide her or jus hr?

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    When I log in to my AT&T wireless account online the name of my company and FAN number appear directly above my name in the upper right hand corner. That should be one way to get the number.

    Yes the discounts can change and like usual AT&T messes things up and no one seems to understand the system. I gave the number to my store when I signed up and I get a 15% discount on my bill. One of my coworkers called the local store to see how to get the discount because he didn't know about it. They told him to enter his company email here and it will automatically send instructions. So he did all that, and AT&T charged him a one-time fee of like $30 to "join" the discount program and then only gives him 10% off/month. You figure it out lol.. that's why I suggested you have the number handy and do it in-store if possible.

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    yeah that sux for us i last quick question, i'm downloading all the files i need to jb those phones for them...will redsn0w 0.9.5 work as well? and correct me if i'm wrong but even if they are running 3.13, i still select the 3.12 firmware when running the redsn0w jb right? thanks again...

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    Correct, you will point redsn0w to the 3.1.2 firmware to jailbreak a 3G on 3.1.3.

    You *cannot* use redsn0w 0.9.5, it simply will not work. It was coded to recognize 4.0 only. You will need to use 0.9.4.

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    sorry to ask but one more question...i know in the past with my phone i would do a complete restore via itunes and then jb and i would set up the phone as a "new" phone instead of do i have to do this with his phone? is it something that needs to be done doing a complete restore or can i just run the jb right from the get go and is it better to set it up as a new phone afterwards? i've always wondered this in general...thanks...

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    It is always good practice to setup as new. Mainly because if the device was previously jailbroken it can carry over some of that code in the backup and cause issues.

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    Yeah that's what I've been doing with mine all this time. But his phone has never been jb before. So I guess it won't hurt to just restore via iTunes then jb. I already told him we would have to set up the phone as new.

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