Hi Guys

Sorry for the title but i didn't know how to describe my problem in just a few words (not english native speaker).

anyway.... I have 2 itunes accounts (1 swiss and 1 us), i made the us one because i got my ipad early and it was pretty useless without appstore!
now, i always need to log in in the us store and the swiss one to get app updates...that doesn't bother me much. the only issue i have, that now either on my iphone nor on the ipad the appstore works. whenever i open the damn thing it opens and then switches to the itunes one for music, which i clearly don't want... (sorry, it's drivin' me nuts). so basically if i want to buy an app i have to do it within itunes itself and not the mobile devices.

any suggestions on how to fix it?

thanks a bunch!!