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Thread: Pros & Cons of Upgrading 3G from 3.1.2 to iOS4

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    Arrow Pros & Cons of Upgrading 3G from 3.1.2 to iOS4
    I have a 3G JB/Unlocked running 3.1.2 and the phone runs flawlessly. My question is as stated above what are the pro's and con's to doing this upgrade, other than the cool factor?

    Thanks for any input..

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    if you rely on jailbroken apps, wait for a week or two...

    But if your only worried about your unlock, upgrade to 4.0, its 110% better than 3.1.2
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    I guess what I'm asking, is what makes it so much better? Does your phone run better, faster, better battery life. i.e.

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    it is much snappier than 3.1.2, MUCH worth the upgrade.

    like i said, if you NEED jailbroken apps, stay on 3.1.2, if your just lazy and don't need jailbroken apps, take the time to research a little and upgrade, its worth it, and its already unlocked.
    The only thing I ask in return for helping, is that you click the thanks button, Thanks!

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    I have seached around looking for feed back on the ios4 upgrade, not much feed back I could find. That's why I made this thread. Thank you for helping answer some of my questions.

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    I'm the same boat. I'm not sure 4.0 offers anything that I don't already have on 3.12. Plus some of the apps I do have and use daily either aren't supported yet or I don't see them listed at all so I would have to install and see what happens.
    I think I'll take a pass for a week or 2 and see what gets updated.

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    I've recently updated My Iphone 3G from 3.1JB to 4.0JB.
    Even though I was fine on the lower firmware, I'm loving the latest update.

    Yeah some apps I used to use from Cydia aren't working yet, but for me the multitasking and folders option was worth updating for.

    I know that could be done before throught various Cydia app's but I feel it works better through the official update.
    Haven't really noticed any slow downs with the phone having the multitasking and wallpapers enabled.

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    I upgraded the other day to 4.0 on my 3G and then instantly downgraded back to 3.1.3. Although some of the new features are pretty cool, the 3G isn't powerful enough to take full advantage of 4.0. The main reason I reverted back is b/c of the considerable lag/choppiness. I would have a 2-3 sec delay after I typed on the keyboard when sending a text. To some it may not seem like a big deal, but it was bothersome to me. Here is a link to an article about upgrading to 4.0 on the 3G.

    A week with iOS4 on a 3G phone, not worth it | Macgasm

    Hope this helps.

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    iOS4 is running flawlessly on my 3G..No "choppiness" when typing at all...It's like like going from Windows XP to Windows 7

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    This ^

    I would downgrade, but soon there's gonna be apps that only work with 4.0.

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    The 3G cant handle 4.0, yeah at first maybe you'll love it, but a few days later you'll be ready to downgrade. It's laggy and slow on 3G. I downgraded the next day on my 3G and unlocked it and gave to my wife. Now 4.0 on the other hand is f*****g great on iPhone 4.

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