Hey guys,

I had a perfectly working 3GS at 3.1.3 a week ago, which was jailbroken using Spirit. (old bootrom).

I upgraded to iOS 4.0 and noticed that my option for tethering is missing (im on Vodafone UK and it was definitely there before).

I have now upgraded to a 32GB iPhone4 (obviously also running iOS 4.0). I activated this using iTunes at work, before getting home and restoring it using a backup of my 3GS.

BEFORE the restore, i noticed that i had the Facetime option, under Settings > Phone > Facetime, and i also had the option for tethering. I also noticed that under Settings > General > Network i had options called Mobile Data and Mobile Data Network.

I proceeded with the restore, and all seemed well, until i noticed that my Facetime option AND the tethering option was missing (like it was on my 3GS at 4.0) and the Mobile Data and Mobile Data Network options had been renamed CELLULAR Data and CELLULAR Data Network.

Any idea what has happened here guys? I think i will need to restore and set up as a new iPhone, but i will lose all my app data and SMS, and i dont want to do that obviously!

Thanks for any help!