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Thread: ***MAJOR*** reception issues on new iPhone 4!

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    Default ***MAJOR*** reception issues on new iPhone 4!
    Seems Gizmodo has released a entire page of reports from users shooting video while using their phones. If you hold the phone in your hands, all the bars drop and you get no service, when u lay it back on the table all the bars reappear.

    There goes the excitement for me...I'm picking my phone up tomorrow and I'm already not feeling this. There are already all these problems popping up, screen, reception etc what is next?

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    I was about to write that u can't see the signal bars or 3G to see a drop signal then I exited out the app ad my bars were up and 3G was on. Then I tried to write a message on the post and it just had the circle loading spinning and nothing. So I went to network settings turned off 3G and cellular off then exited then turned them back on and then I was able to write this message and send it. So yea something is up.

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    From what it sounds like, the stainless which houses the antenna(s) apparently don't like contact with human hands...hands are blocking the reception from getting out...very strange. Yet people with bumpers on say that have no issues yet that adds another barrier between the phone and your hand so I don't get it. I'm not happy about all of this crap. This is why I don't port over to a new carrier until I examine my phone to make sure there is nothing wrong...which I will be doing tomorrow.

    This is very disappointing...

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    Yes I need a bumper but apple is so expensive n

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    I'm gonna be pissed if this is really true. Judging by this and what people are saying on the phone review on the homepage seems like it is.

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    you are not gonna like this

    [ame=]YouTube - iPhone 4 Reception Issue with Holding the Phone[/ame]

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    The official report is that it is a bug. You don't actually lose reception; it just shows it. So it still works with no service at the top.

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