So Ive been playing with my 3GS which I just updated to iOS 4 using pwnage tool 4.01 for JB.

After playing with a few apps, Ive realised that some apps open in a "different" full screen mode. The status bar is a clone (kinda)

Basically, Apply a style to your carrier logo, and assign something like SBSettings to the normal statusbar swipe.

Now, open apps such as:

YouTube, Cydia, Weather, Photos, My O2,, iBooks, Optiscan, Todo, iXpenseIt, (these are my tests so far)

Once the app is loaded, you'll notice your carrier logo is no longer themed... you'll then notice the no activator functions work (i tested status bar swipe for sbsettings & also short hold for lockinfo's infoshade)

Everything works fine again after closing these apps.

Has anyone else noticed this... can others confirm this?

How odd! Never happened in 3.1.2