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Thread: Changing SIM cards into another iPhone

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    Default Changing SIM cards into another iPhone
    Hi, I have a question about SIM cards and activation and so on. Last month, my iPhone 3GS crashed on me and i was not able to recover it. My wife had hers with her but she does not have a data plan. I tried to put my SIM card in but it would not work, said something about being registered or on another phone. My wife does not have a lock on her phone so i know it was not that, and all i can assume is that I would have to recover it. All i wanted to do was use my data plan on my account to access the net for a phone number and then be able to put her SIM card back in after without having changed any of her software and so on.

    If it helps, both the phones are JB, she's on 3.1.2 and I was on 3.0.1 at the time.

    If it happens again for whatever reason i would like to know what i can do to just get it to swap temporarily without have a computer nearby.

    Thanks, and for those who think I am trying to get into a stolen phone, please don't go there, that's not the case.

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    the worst possible way to ask for technical support, is not knowing EXACTLY what the error message is saying...
    "said something about being registered or on another phone" may make sense to you, but to someone else its hard to understand...
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    I know i did not post my exact message, what i guess i was looking for is if someone has done this before with success. Is it something that you're supposed to be able to do with little effort? Has anyone tried it without success?

    I also find it weird cause people say that they have an iPhone to sell with say a navigation app that originally cost them $70+. Once you sign up for a new iTunes account don't you only have access to things that YOU bought, and not what was bought with the phone? Wouldn't the original purchases still have the download rights for that software assuming they change phones?


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    I do it all the time, i switch sims and phones all day for business, never came across any errors, thats why it would help to know exactly what your phone is saying... ( i sometimes do get issues when trying to use an ATT sim card, in a hacktivated phone)

    and i'm not 100% sure about the itunes account thing, but i've got my navigon program on 3 of my devices, and only paid once. So my guess is that you'll be able to use the app, if its on the phone already, you just wont be able to update it. (but i could be wrong, because i have no experience with that, just my 2cents)
    The only thing I ask in return for helping, is that you click the thanks button, Thanks!

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    ok, but when you switch between phones you're not adding a SIM from another phone. What i mean is it's always YOUR sim into the same phones, so no one else is using your phones and you're not using your sim in someone else's already activated phone. I want to take out my wife's sim and use mine in there. Maybe i will try it again and see what error i get. I know that it went to the activation screen and did not move from there. When i plugged it into iTunes it told me it was synched with another user account.

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