Ok, I hope someone responds because I really need an answer so Ill try asking:

What are the new, adjusted pricing ranges for all iphones now that they're ALL currently unlockable w/the updated ultrasn0w. For instance, a few weeks/a month ago it was something like:

2G: $175ish average
3G: $250-325ish if unlocked, much lower now obv.
3GS: $300-$475/500 if unlocked. Again, lower now.

But HOW low are these averages now exactly? I usually do an ebay market search but for whatever reason its not showing the newer sales. Im thinking its along the lines of:

2G: $125-$175ish depending
3G: $125-$200 locked, $200-$275 unlocked but now theyre all unlocked so....??
3GS: $200-$300 locked, $300-$400 unlocked but again, most are now unlockable(new bootroms Im still not sure about)

Does anyone know or think they know what these new ranges are or becoming? Also do you think they'll keep changing when the new iPhone hits on the 29th to the public or do you think prices will remain similar to whats going now.

Any response is really helpful.