Hi all..
iTunes informed me of the new os4 update for my iPhone 3gs..
So I updated from 3.1.3.. Can someone help me to downgrade back to 3.1.3 as I have a problem with this new firmware. Im on PAYG and when I go to my settings-general-network.. i find theres no Cellular Data Network option available to enter my PAYG details..
I need to find APN to change idata.o2.co.uk to payandgo.o2.co.uk.
The option isnt there. Now I have downloaded the 3.1.3 firmware but then find in itunes that after holding shift and clicking restore I find I cant see the firmware. It came downloaded as a zip extension.. have unzipped also and pointed to the extracted files and still itunes cant see the firmware file..
Im in such a mess now and would love some help on this..
I wanna go back to 3.1.3
Thanx for even reading this post