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Thread: Didn't pre-order iPhone 4, any chance of getting it on launch day?

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    Question Didn't pre-order iPhone 4, any chance of getting it on launch day?
    I didn't pre-order the iPhone in time, but if I were to go to the apple store and some how managed to be one of the first in line when they open up on launch day, will I be able to get my iPhone on the spot?

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    you are asking a question that no one here can answer man. its all luck of the draw if you didnt pre order

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    Well my real question is: Do Apple stores carry non-preordered iPhone 4s for people who did not pre-order?

    There has been tons of iPhone releases, maybe its the same as before...?

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    Odds are against you.

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    I really hope camping outside pays off. If I don't get it on the 24th, then I have no idea when my next chance is.

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    ^^ if it's anything like previous releases then, if you live in a city, and you camp, then you will probably be able to get one even if you didn't preorder, but since this is nothing like previous releases, the odds are slim, but I'd give it a shot, especially if you are lucky enough to live in a big enough city that they get alot of iPhones shipped but a small enough city that you don't have 1,000 campers in front of you..
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    The nearest apple store for me is in a mall. So my plan is to find the nearest entrance that will lead to the Apple store and just make an all out sprint as soon as the mall opens. I guess we'll find out Thursday if I got lucky or not . Thanks ^^
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    That's not how it's gonna be. There will be no sprinting for anything lol. The malls will open one set of doors early morning and let people start lining up. Most apple stores will already have two lines set up. One for reservations and one for non reservations (walk ins). Every apple event or launch that I have been too has been nothing but polite and reasonable people. No need for running or shoving your way to the door. Lol. Sure is this release huge and much larger than any other apple release? YES! So get to the mall about 12am-2am and hopefully you will be early enough to be a lucky one. Remember, the reservation line get theirs first. Meaning you will have to sit and watch all those people in and out with their new phones while you wait and pray theta there will be enough. Haha been there before. Then once that line gets weak and the store knows a rouch count of reservations left they will start letting in walk ins one at a time until they are all sold out. If you want one really bad I suggest you bring a chair or sleeping bag and some entertainment and get there at midnight. This release day is gonna be nuts. Goodluck man!

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    Based off the 3G and 3GS releases you should be able to wait on line and still get it. I'm not sure how the preorders for 3GS compared to this one (it appears this one was a lot more popular for preorders).

    I didn't preorder the 3GS and got to my nearest apple store (I live in a relatively suburban area) around 4AM. I was about 5th in line (surprisingly, the line built up after I got there but I doubt 4AM would do this time around) and pretty easily got it.

    Apple is pretty good with supplying its stores with enough iPhones. The stores around me even got a second shipment later on that afternoon so basically everyone that wanted one got it, at least on that first day.

    Again, it appears the iPhone 4 has much more hype, def. based off preorders so I'm not sure if this applies this time. But just thought I'd let you know.

    Like happypappy said, try to go around midnight and if the store is closeby just check out the line. You may be able to go home and come back a couple hours later.

    Good Luck!

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    If you live in SoCal like I do... Orange County to be exact... any suggestions for how early I should camp?

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    at least 5pm the night before. Bring your gameboy, psp, pillow, a few nudie magazines and some paper towels. You'll be fine/

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