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Thread: For those who ordered the 4th via at&t online

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    Default For those who ordered the 4th via at&t online
    Please post the following...

    1) Model: (16,32, etc)
    2) Time of day: (please include time zone)
    3) Events that occured: (did you get an online confirmation?, did you get an email confirmation?, did your account get charged?)

    I think it'd be interesting to compile all this info in once place and look for a pattern to help figure out who may see their phone on the 24th and who wont.

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    3:00am pst
    no conformation online but account was charged. Called AT&T at 8:30am pst and was told won't get conformation from between 24-48 hrs later. But on the reverse hand, my order was confirmed by them and they will give me a call back Thursday to check that it went through.

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    4:00 AM EST
    Got confirmation e-mail and my account was charged

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    1) Model: Black 16GB, two of the,
    2) Time of day: 5:30pm central
    3) Events that occurred: The order went through and I have order numbers, but they haven't charged me and no confirm emails.

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    1) 16
    2) 8:30AM CST
    3) First time it lagged out during process, second time made it to page confirmation with order #

    Two $1.00 charges from my bank account????

    No confirmation email.

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    I forgot to do mine lol.

    1) 16gb
    2) 12:20 cst
    3) Got order num, no email, no charge

    Looks like theres a cut off as everyone is saying but I made it before 1 and still didnt get the email or charge. Thus nothing is for sure.

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    1. 16GB
    2. 11:30am CDT
    3. confirmation printed out and email received cc not charged as of now

    update at 6:12pm 6/17/2010

    I also ordered through the Premiere site - don't know if that makes a difference. also before ordering when i checked my upgrade status is said there was an $18 fee but nowhere during the upgrade or til now do i see that charge being applied. no complaining, hope they waived it.

    my cc now shows a $212 ($199 + tax) charge pending.
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    1. 32gb black
    2. 7:30 AM
    3. order numbers.

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    1: 16gb
    2: 6 am eastern time
    3: charged,order #, no email

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    8:15am EDT
    Received confirmation email at 8:20am EDT. Checked my order status tonite, 9:00pm EDT and it now indicates "order received" and "processing".

    One thing, I used AT&T Premier (business customer) as I have a corporate discount plan attached to my contract.
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    My order now also says "processing". Better than "back ordered" I suppose.

    *EDIT: Just check my bank account and it seems I have been charged. Im feeling better about june 24.

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    1. 16g
    2. 3:00 pm est
    3. Conf #, charged, no email

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    1) Model: 32GB
    2) Time of day: 4:09AM CST on June 15
    3) Events that occurred: got online confirmation and email confirmation instantly after
    My account was charged for $0, $1, and $ 535.18 ($499 iPhone 32GB early upgrade)
    ATT order status is at 'Processing'. I ordered through ATT Premier web site.
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    Any emails? I have yet to receive the AT&T email, and when I go to "check order status" my comfirmation number does not come up. I haven't been charge for it either.

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    2)6:30am Central time
    3)received confirmation email minutes after order. no charge on CC but did receive an email to authorize a transaction from AT&T. So they did place a hold on the card for the amount. I was told I wouldn't be charged until shipped.

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    Ok Does anyone have a status of "Shipped"? Mine still says in progress. I eventually did get an email confirming my order. But I dont know about thursday...

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