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Thread: The Official iOS 4.0 Compatibility List!

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    Default 4.0
    should of looked into 4.0 before i, anyway what was the rest of that message gonna say about the ToneFX's. it looked like they were giving a link for a workaround or something. really just still waiting on tonefxs, sbrotator, five column SB, and infinidock. anyone know anythign about those apps.(most than whats posted here)

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    Quote Originally Posted by n00neimp0rtant View Post
    Before I change them to Orange on the list, can you try them in Safe Mode? You can force your device into Safe Mode in SBSettings > Power > Safe Mode
    AppBackup & AptBackup ran in Safe Mode. What now?

    UPDATE: Went into Backgrounder and turned off backgrounding for AppBackup and AptBackup (set for Native backgrounding). This solved the problem and they are working normally once again.
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    it seems that afc2add is putting my phone in safe mode. I currently have the following installed:


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    Just got some good new's screensplitr is coming to the ios 4 here is a copy of the reply email he sent to me:

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    QuickReply fans:

    The dev has resumed working on a 4.0-compatible version however since he upgraded to iPhone 4 he no longer has access to an activated jailbroken iOS 4.0 device for testing.

    He has put out a call on twitter for volunteers with a jailbroken 4.0 device to assist in testing:

    Twitter / Gaurav Khanna: **** i just realized I can ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by n00neimp0rtant View Post
    Just to make sure--it pops up the OLD-STYLE media controls? The blue window with the song info, volume slider, and playback buttons? Thanks!
    Sorry for the late reply. Yeah it's the old style.


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    the list says Auto Silent is working with iOS 4.0 but it's not working for me. I have 3GS. It installs no problem but it just does not function ie does not work.

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    SnowCover Pro doesnt work for me, keeps getting SB into Safe Mode. Im using 3GS on iOS4.

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    Already created a theme that removes the shadow of iblank for iphone or ipod touch you can download it from here: RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

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    I'm guessing this post will be frowned upon or whatever but its incentive to other people
    ********** is a catastrophic failure for iOS 4
    When you install it, you can't use any apps that weren't installed through **********.
    eiei doktor octagonapus blar D<

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    Quote Originally Posted by n00neimp0rtant View Post
    The Official iOS 4.0 Compatibility List

    The List

    *LockInfo - works with stock plugins, Twitter, Things, WeatherIcon
    LockInfo's WeatherIcon doesn't work on my iPhone 3G, keep booting my phone into Safemode

    Edit: i reinstalld, now working
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    "iNoRotate" works perfectly on my 3G

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    Six Icon Dock does not work. I have emailed the creator to see if he is working on it. No response yet but I will update if he does respond.

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    Ok...IDK if this is what you mean by some actions not working on activator...but i just noticed that if you try to set an action to do something and your on the page where you assign it something like pop out media player...if you scroll all the way down itll freeze up, crash, and enter safe mode...think you should add that to activator

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    Reflective dock does not work respiring in safe mode

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    Backgrounder has been updated to work with iOS4 and works wonderfully! Go and get it now!

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    I jet installed the latest versionof backgrounder and it works flawless on iOS4 on my ipt2g (non-MC) just letting the community know...

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    i am running OS4 on my ipod touch 2g
    i cannot operate my ipod whatsoever unless i am in safe mode
    everything crashes as soon as i tap on the app button
    i tried clearing the processes on the dock bar at the bottom and in sbsettings

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    Emailed the author of SBSchedule and he said it is NOT working on 4.0 but he said "i hope to get to it, yes." in reply to will he update it.

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    what about eLert anyone tried it?>

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