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Thread: contract termination for iphone 4g

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    Default contract termination for iphone 4g
    This is true only if you're a new customer, your contract is over, or—and this was unexpected—your contract is set to end at any time in 2010, meaning some can take the dive six months early, and effectively shorten their total commitment to AT&T by up to six months.
    from gizmodo

    Is this right or am i misunderstanding it?

    lets say i have a contract expiring in december, can i get the iphone in june?

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    correct and to double check log onto your at&t account and itll say you are eligable for early upgrade

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    Yea they pushed my upgrade waaaayyyyyy up.... Prior to this weeks iphone and early upgrade announcement, I was scheduled for my next upgrade in 1/2011 (just outside the "if your contract ends anytime in 2010 then your available for an upgrade" deal that was said.) but they bumped mine up to whenever w/ an $18 upgrade fee.

    I'm happy they did this because I originally got my iphone 12/31/2008 and had an issue with my headphone jack (would only play out of one headphone side) and they replaced it for free. Well 2 months later (June 2009) my screen went blank because I dropped my phone and it landed flat on the back and I took it to my apple store. They proceeded to tell me it was due to "water damage" (which I knew was BS) and asked me if I had tried to take a phone call while in the shower and that;

    (Apple)it takes a lot of water to cause water damage....

    (Me) really how much would that be?...

    (Apple) About a drop or two from a water dropper....

    (Me) Really? Two drops of water? You do know here in Louisiana the Humidity alone is 100% daily between April and September which carries more water in a empty 20oz. bottle of water than the whats in Two drops of water.....

    (Apple) well I'm just telling you the water capacity of the iphone... Where you in the shower one day and have your iPhone in the bathroom and reach out to try and take a phone call one day? Maybe that would explain the water damage....

    (Me) Theres no water damage on my iphone and No I didnt use my iphone as a rubber ducky. I'm 27, not 7. Plus I didnt play with rubber ducky's, I played with my Ninja turtles during bath time.... rubber ducky's are for girls"

    Anyways, yea so they originally told me I would have to pay for a new one at FULL price but after a bit of arguing about the crappy service and history I've been having with the apple guys and my iphones they allowed me to use my upgrade early which locked me in for a fresh 2 years from June 2009. And needless to say, when I saw they iPhone was releasing in 2 weeks I was ticked my upgrade was wasted (Wasted because of my fault it happened, not theirs) , but ATT came thru...and Im happy to say I will be at my local apple store at 5:30am June 24th for my new black 16gb iphone 4 (ohh happy day)!
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