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Thread: Buying iPhone 4 without contract?

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    Default Buying iPhone 4 without contract?
    Since my contract won't be up anytime soon I'm looking to sell my 3GS to buy the fourth generation iPhone. I have two questions that hopefully the community can help me with. First off it looks like I can sell my 3GS around $400 on Craigslist in Seattle. Now if I sell my 3GS where can I buy a fourth generation iPhone? Will I have to buy one off Craigslist or can I buy one from Apple or AT&T without a contract? My second question is about the new micro sim card that the fourth iPhone uses. Will AT&T give me a micro sim or will I have to purchase one?


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    Just hold on to the 3gs until the "hype" price drops. I'm sure they'll be going for a grand+ on eBay and craigslist. I haven't heard anything about buying the 4th gen outright. But I'm sure they'll have an outrageous price. I'm sure if you get the phone AT&T will give you a microsim no problem.

    I haven't heard anything about buying the 4th gen outright(from apple/AT&T)*

    Wow I was really sure on this post.
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    ^ Thanks for the info. You're right I should probably wait for two reasons. For the hype to go down so it's a reasonable price and hopefully with the new update coming out the Dev Team can unlock my 3GS so I can sell it for more.

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    Good idea. Unlocked phones always sell for alot more. I sold my unlocked 3g for 330 and bought a 3gs for 400. Lol.

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    yea, the new iPhone 4 will be around 650~ just like the 3gs was when it first came out

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    That's what I did too!

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    AT&T says existing customers who are not eligible for upgrades can buy iPhone 4 at full price ($499 and $599) with no contract but need to get voice and data plan.

    I don' t have AT&T but want an iPhone 4!!!

    Edit: prices are wrong they are $599 and $699 for 16 and 32 gb
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    Same here I don't have AT&T but I'd like to preorder the iPhone. I'm guessing you'd still need an AT&T account or phone number to order online correct?

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    is it gonna be 499 or 599?

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