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Thread: HOW MUCH MORE CROOKED can APPLE get? This is my last iphone

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    Default HOW MUCH MORE CROOKED can APPLE get? This is my last iphone
    Ive had ever iphone out ever, long story short ive had problems and i had to pay 39.00 to have a replacement sent (which is major BS ) in the past. Every other phone they send you one without a problem and you send the old one back. on top of that 39.00 they charge me 199! and said the phone had problem blah blah, i let it go and just ate the 200. Now with my 3gs the GPS works like complete crap. It says im a good mile away from where i actually am, calls are not received, safari only works half the time. I call today and they want to charge me 70.00 just to troubleshoot it! apparently even the 39.00 we'll send you a new one doesnt exist anymore. WHERE IS MY ONE YEAR HARDWARE ??

    So after fussing with a manager and a $629 hold, im finally being sent a new 3gs. If i send a phone back i could get 599 back, but i already know they will find "something" and charge me the $199, whatever though, ill just sell it soon anyway.

    It just seems as if some kind of government needs to step in and do something about this, they make their own rules and theres a ton of people dumb enough to abide by them. First i got taxed for 599 on the phone when it was new that i only paid 199 for, (tax was $50+ in CA) its one thing right after another

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    funny, you must be one of the only people who have ever had this problem. has it ever occured to you that you might be screwing it up yourself? im not saying that you ARE, but it could be that you are getting very unlucky, or (im not accusing anything) that you could just be being careless.

    although i have to say that apple support is usless in so many ways to me.

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    It use to be 1 year warranty, now its 90 days. They want $69 to "troubleshoot" the phone, if you dont want to pay it they basically tell you go on the website and try things on your own

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    I traded my blackberry bold for a used iPhone 3gs 16gb the digitizer went out on it so I went online to check warrenty it was still undress the 1 year so I asked for a replacement they sent me a box I sent them the phone a week later I had a "new" refurb that works perfect and I didn't pay a dime ur gettin the shaft bud

    Undress ? Sorry sposed to be under lol damn iPhone
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    you can buy applecare for $69 for 2 years on iphone. Then they ship replacement overnight and free. You could get apple care even cheaper on ebay. If you don't like their policies, buy something else. For me, I love the iphone, and I've had issues with it too, but tech support is great. Check out the apple care protection. And square trade offers a extended warranty too.

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