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Thread: Got a 3GS, weighing my options

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    Default Got a 3GS, weighing my options
    Okay, I have an iPhone 3G[S] 16GB that is unlocked and jailbroken under 3.1.2, perfect condition, no scratches. In my area, I can maybe sell for $400-$500. Got it last year with a 2-year plan.

    When the iPhone 4G comes out, I am weighing my options as to whether or not I should get it. For the most part, I really don't find it all that compelling because I'm not a camera guy, but the OLED sounds nice if it's true. All that aside, I am just thinking, if I were to sell my 3G[S] and get the 4G, how would it work out financially?

    I would prefer not to upgrade earlier because I go to college in Fall 2010, and want a fresh phone contract when that comes. But if I did, how much would that cost? (Let's assume $200 for the phone, but I have no idea what the upgrade fees are and stuff, base it off what it cost for 3G users to upgrade to 3G[S] early).

    The route I wish to take is to just buy a 4G by itself, and use it with my current plan, while selling my 3G[S] first of course. So basically, if I sold my 3G[S] for $450-$500, how much does it cost to buy the 4G by itself? And where do I get it? I know I can buy new ones from Craigslist, but where do those people get it?
    - Another important thing I want to know is whether this would work out even if I sold my 3G[S], and bought a 4G. 3G users who wanted to get a 3G[S] but did not want to upgrade simply had to sell and buy. I want to do something similar, but thinking about it, doesn't the 4G use microSIM? I've heard of tutorials to make my SIM a microSIM, but would it all work out? Is there any other possible complications if I sold 3G[S] and bought 4G? Does AT&T care if I buy a 4G from ebay or something instead of upgrading?

    Sorry for long post, but I like to be thorough. Please be similarly thorough with my questions, and thanks in advance

    -- -- On a quick side note, briefly, what edge does Verizon have over AT&T and why does everyone complain so much? No need to mention dropped calls, the coverage, or the speed. Is there anything else? Like is Verizon cheaper in any way or anything? Thanks

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    You are quite right, your questions are sooooo lengthy... I don't think I can answer your questionsssss.

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    ...just sell your 3GS and buy a 4G. Youre overthinking it. 4G is gonna be rockin! Heard that it is gonna have a kick @ss fast processor!

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