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Thread: iPhone 4/HD Video Calling iChat

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    Default iPhone 4/HD Video Calling iChat
    Can you guys imagine the pricing for this, @ATT's website, the top plan is 9.99/month for 60 minutes, after that .25/minute, the recipient has to have a pay per use plan as well, and only the person who sent the video chat invite is the one who is billed video calling minutes. Audio is seperate, those minutes are used from your monthly voice minutes plan.

    I imagine there eventually will have to be an app or some hack around this, that would be outrageous, I can see it now.

    Does everyone one think ATT will stick to this plan, make it cheaper? more expensive?

    Maybe they will have their own App and only charge us data for video and our voice minutes for audio?

    What does everyone think?

    I would probably use it now and then, not all the time but it couldbe helpful, I can see my self just wasting time using it a s well.

    I dont know why I just thought of this...
    definetly taking it too far...

    in video call... display other persons live feed as default background for EVERYTHING.. so that means they will be on your springboard, maybe in the background like vwallpaper,
    even when you open an app, find a way to dispaly video in place of the default.png's , the app would have to be very transparent..

    probably never happen,could be some extreme option... might be cool.
    any app you open the other video caller would still be in the background and you could run the app, but it would be tough to see, kinda transparent might work...

    Im just dreaming..
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