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Thread: Is my battery dead?

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    Default Is my battery dead?
    My 3G (week 35 2008) started turning itself off a couple of weeks ago.
    It started seemingly randomly but I noticed the battery dropped significantly if I played Doodle Jump for a couple of minutes (it never used to do that) and would often reboot if I received a text or sometimes even an email, but only if I was doing something with the phone at the time.
    It then got to the point where I could get the phone to turn off just by going into streetview on Google Maps, the view would come up but if I tried to move the view it drops to springboard and then turns off.
    I tried restoring, restoring from backup, re-jailbreaking and restoring everything - same thing. Tried restoring and doing less and less until I finally did a clean restore to 3.13 and just setting up one email account (synching email and contacts to Exchange) with no other apps and nothing else installed.
    The battery was fully charged last night, turned the phone off. Turned it on this morning and checked emails and battery dropped about 20%
    Phone reboots if I go in to streetview. battery meter show various things when I turn it back on.
    With a clean restore and nothing on the phone I'm still having problems - the only thing I can think off is the battery going (it drains faster than a very fast thing at times). Is there anything else I could try?
    Shouldn't a battery last longer than this?
    Any idea how much I should expect to pay for a replacement battery (UK)?
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    It's hard to say... Sounds like the battery to me If a restore doesn't fix it.
    You can get a kit to replace your battery for a 3g. If I recall it is a simple mini jumper connector to pop out and pop the new battery in.

    If you go that route it is diy but saves you money. Maybe you have a friend that is adept at opening up electronics if you aren't up to it.

    Apple here in america charges $99 (I think) for battery replacement.

    Good luck!

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    i think so because it is so old

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    There is an app called battery pro that claims to "fix" batteries for .99 cents or 59 pence on the AppStore.
    It basically deep cycles you battery which may help but likely will the battery down to anywhere below 20% and then let it charge to full.

    I should take over an hour if not more but it will tell u for sure.

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    I downloaded Battery Doctor Pro, thought I'd give it a go for 59p, let it run overnight (it had been running a good couple of hours when I went to sleep)and this morning my battery started at 100%, I have used Streetview and doodlejump and generally been messing around and my battery is still at 85%. Yesterday it was showing red by 9:30am with far less usage.

    It looks like it might have worked. Early days yet but thanks vegassteven

    I spoke to soon - the battery was still fairly full (about 75 - 80%) after I'd been playing Doodle Jump a bit more, I then went to download Suduku Grab as I haven't synched all my apps yet. It downloaded and was installing and my phone turned off. When it turned back on it was showing in the red but as soon as I tried anything it turned off again.
    I turned t on again and the battery is showing 50%
    I think I'll get a new battery....
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  7. #6 has a 3G replacement battery for $19.95 US (+ any import/customs fees for international shipping). But they do ship to the UK.

    iPhone 3G Replacement Battery - iFixit

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    DIY suggests at least a modicum of practicality. I have none.
    A visit to my local repair centre and 36 later and my phone seems fine (although time will tell - I only got it this afternoon).
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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