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Thread: iphone insurance

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    I am just writing this post in case a MMI editor tries to make AT&T look evil as usual.

    Starting June the iphones will be insurable from LOST/STOLEN/accidental damage. The company that will handle the insurance will be Asurion, a third party company that handles most if not all the major carriers for wireless phone insurance. To my knowledge there isn't a single insurance company (unless its home or renter's insurance or something along those lines) that covers and iphone for not only accidental damage but theft/lost as well. However the monthly cost in my opinion is a bit overwhelming given that the deductible for a claim is so high. The price point will be $13.99/month and the deductible will be either 99/199/299 depending on which model you have. Also you can only claim insurance twice a year before your policy gets removed. You will not be billed from AT&T for this, you will have to have your monthly payments taken out of a credit card and the payments will go directly to Asurion.

    Now before people start saying OMG AT&T is a bunch of GREEDY BLAH BLAH and they should fix their network or AT&T SUCKS. Please remember, the rates are set by Asurion and the deductibles are set by them as well. Also no one is forcing you to get this insurance program, its just another option for those that have been looking for a way to insure their iphones against theft/lost. I heard great things about however they do not cover lost/stolen either, so please no comments saying " duh".

    I am by no means saying that this is a great deal, in fact I wouldn't insure it for that much if the deductible is going to be that high. I will just take care of my iphone like I have been and if I break the phone or lose it I will just pay the retail price or the exception upgrade price. The main reason for this post is because I don't want people to be mislead into thinking AT&T is in charge of the pricing of insurance.


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    They'll probably reject people who have jailbroken their device claiming that the damage is 'self-inflicted'.

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