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Thread: 3G[S] Owner.. looking for advice on 4G and Plans

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    Default 3G[S] Owner.. looking for advice on 4G and Plans
    This post will basically concern two major things I am worrying about, one being whether I replace my 3G[S] and the second being if I can alter my cell phone plan.

    1. First off, I am a 3G[S] owner since about August 2009-ish. I was happy to see that the 4G, in my eyes, didn't offer anything breathtaking because I could stay with my 3G[S]. However, if I were compelled to get it, what is the procedure?

    Current Plan:
    -Bought 3G[S] as part of family plan with two other phones
    -I believe it is 2 year plan
    -Lowest possible minutes (550), data for me only ($30), and no texts for anyone

    So, if I wanted to get the next-gen iPhone, would I lose a crazy amount of money or would it be about the same? I have no idea how upgrades work.. Do I have to pay the $200 for the phone again? Do they take my 3G[S] or could I sell my old 3G[S] to cover some of the costs? Please explain, and give some numbers I can work with to see how much it would cost to get the new iPhone. Also, since it's an upgrade, I'm assuming NO cancellation fee, but I guess I have to sign another 2 year contract??

    2. I put my basic plan up above, and it comes out to about $110 or so every month. I am curious as to see if I could reduce that price, especially the data portion. I see the minutes as nothing I can do about really, but it'd be great if I could reduce the data plan at least. I have several ideas in mind, such as switching to a Nexus One or something, but I think it's still $30, so it's a waste. However, if it's cheaper or something, let me know.

    However, my main plan is to keep my 3G[S], or maybe 4G iPhone, but get a cheaper data plan. For example, my friend has some crappy Sony Ericcson phone and has a family plan with that phone with no data or texts, so it's like $90 a month for him. However, recently he bought a 3G[S] on craigslist. Since the Sony Ericcson phone sucks for data, it's only $10 a month for unlimited data from AT&T. However, AT&T doesn't know he is using the iPhone, so he is paying $10 only for data and getting flawless 3G Network access on his iPhone 3G[S]. This is great for him because his original contract isn't on iPhone. In my case, my plan began with the purchase of a 3G[S] and stuff.

    However, he had some very small complications. Recently, AT&T, after several months, put the $30 iPhone plan back on, and he just used his Ericcson phone for like 1 week and got the $10 plan back with no problem. This has happened twice, and he was never charged $30, so crisis averted. However, he says that he might try to get an iPhone 2G plan, which would cost him an extra $10 a month but AT&T probably could not tell the difference.

    For me, I am wondering if I could do something similar? I have no idea how this works, but if I call AT&T and tell them I lost my iPhone and am using my old Samsung phone, are they cool with that? Meaning I could remove my data plan, try to get a $10 plan like my friend, and use my iPhone 3G[S] again? Or if I tell them I lost my iPhone, do they tell my to pay a cancellation fee (I don't think they make me pay a fee because I haven't cancelled any contract.) So can the $10 plan be done if I tell them I am using my Samsung and stuff?

    I know it's a long post, but I am being thorough to hopefully remove any additional questions and receive thoughtful answers. Thanks a lot for any help.

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    If you are eligible for an upgrade you will pay a lower price for the phone. That should be around August-ish unless you add another line to your family plan($9.99 a month). No one can tell you how much the 4G will cost, but it should be right on par with the cost of the 3GS when it was released. There will be another 2 year contract unless you pay full price for the new phone. You get to keep your current phone which you can sell. Depending on what state it is in you could more than recover the cost of the new phone. If it is unlockable then you will get more for it. Your buddy can give up on trying to run a cheaper data plan because ATT has rampped up their sweeps of iPhone IMEIs which is why they keep dropping the $30 data package back onto the account.

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    Anyone else got any advice/input?


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    You can't get around an iPhone data plan not on AT&T atleast. The data plan is 30bucks no getting around that. And the price for every thing is not ever going to go down

    if you want a 4g get one it will be cool and it will run you the same I would think. And with the upgrade usualy about a year in they will let u get the discount but you never know with the iPhones they always havesome strings attached
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