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Thread: Iconoclasm = Infinite Boot loop :o(

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    Default Iconoclasm = Infinite Boot loop :o(
    I've read other posts on here and Goole dealing with this issue, but they did not make sense to me, for older firmware, or inactive from 2007. I hope someone here can help me, and please do not scold for posting something that has been posted before; I searched those posts and they didn't help.

    What's up:

    Iconoclasm install and reboot, and my phone has been stuck in the boot loop.

    Forced it into Safe Mode (using "Action Menu"; I previously set pressing sleep button quickly twice to launch phone in SafeMode).

    Deleted Iconcoclasm and a few other things from Rock I didn't need (which thinking back now, kinda stupid, I should have deleted it from Cydia since that's where I downloaded it from).

    Phone rebooted, and has been stuck in the infinite automatically booting cycle since.

    I cannot force it into Safe Mode any longer using the Action Menu method.

    I have tried to hold the home and sleep button to force my own reboot which didn't do a thing.

    Every few reboots there is a popup stating Rock found a conflict (one of which is a issue with "MobileSafety.dylib". I have the option of submitting bug and restarting or disabling Rock extensions. Neither choice has any effect on the phone.

    I can SSH into the phone, but I have zero clue what I need to delete or fix!!
    Since I can SSH, I downloaded MyNotes and mSecure to the desktop, in hopes that if I do have to restore I can stick these back in the phone (after jailbreaking 3.1.3 w/ Spirit and getting SSH back in there) and retain my data...

    Suggestions are so very welcomed )

    Thanks in advance, guys!!

    3Gs iPhone 3.1.2
    Jailbroken using Blackra1n

    P.S. I am hoping to do this without a restore. Since I haven't updated to 3.1.3 iTunes has not allowed me to backup my phone... and there is a bunch of data, photos, documents, research thesis notes, and other junk that I cannot afford to lose!!!!!
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