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Thread: Iphone 3GS Odd Battery Behavior

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    Question Iphone 3GS Odd Battery Behavior
    Hey All,

    I have some really weird stuff going on with my Iphone. Its a 3GS 16gb 3.1.2 unlocked / jailbroken with Blackra1n. It has been fine for months no problems.

    Recently i let it completely drain itself by mistake. I had left autolock set to never and fell asleep watching a movie and it went down to 2% (I never usually let it drop below 10%) Anyways i charged it back up through the PC cable and eventually it got to 100% and all was well. The problem im having is that the battery power display jumps around randomly. For example right now its stuck on 91% even though i know its not. Then maybe later it will jump down to 60% (maybe the real battery display?)Then will randomly go up to say 75% without charging. I have had it plugged in now for 15 mins and it still says 91%

    Anyone any ideas? Is my battery screwed? Have i charged it through much? Anyone that can help would be great thanks.

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    thats weird. mines a little sketchy where when i start up my phone it says (example) 40% and then a second later changes to %50 but thats about it

    did you drain it completely flat? so that the battery thing comes up instead of the phone turning on? if not then drain it completely flat and charge it to %100 completely and let it charge for about an hour after its hit %100

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    Charge the battery up to 100% then to a hard reset. Hold the home and power buttons until the phone shuts off. When it reboots the battery should report normally again.

    If for some reason it is still happening after that, then drain the battery completely until the phone shuts off. Then charge it fully to 100%. Leave the phone alone while it is recharging.

    Either of those help the iPhone software resync with the actual battery state.
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    Also you computer USB puts out a different voltage than your ac wall adapter. So charging through you computer isn't nearly as good of a charge! Also it's always a good thing to discharge the battery all the way sometimes and charge to 100%

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