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Thread: Iphone issue wants to connect to itunes

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    Default Iphone issue wants to connect to itunes
    So on my phone, I have a screen showing an image if the iphone cable plugging into itunes.

    At the bottom if the slider and it says slide for emergency.

    If i slide that I can make an emergency call.

    Top bar of the phone shows no signal, and a lock icon.

    Ive tried another sim card that I know works, and I get the same issue. Ive also tried doing a restore on the phone.

    I tried taking a picture which I attached.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    The phone isnt activated. If your using ATT then you need to plug the phone into itunes (hence the plug into itunes picture) and let it activate.

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    When I plug the phone into iTunes it says that the sim card is not supported.

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    You will need an ATT simcard. Or restore using a custom pwned FW file that is already activated....if possible. You didnt specify what model phone you have, what FW or anything.

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    Sorry everyone, its a 3GS. I dont know the firmware that I am on... I trued the itunes restore which says restore and update. So I think I am on 3.1.3.

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    As cpjr said, the only way to get access to the phone is inserting an official provider sim.

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    Thanks everyone. Found out it was a Fido phone. If I put a Fido sim card in the phone lights up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwiztedTD View Post
    Thanks everyone. Found out it was a Fido phone. If I put a Fido sim card in the phone lights up.
    can you tell me one thing.My phone is also fido locked and i m in europe and iphone is from canada so i purchase fido sim to activate and then jail break and unlock to use it freely...but i have heard in some other forum of this website fido wont work becoz i m in europe and it is locked in canda offical carrier sim...pls help me in this..thanks

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