I am wanting to sell my old Iphone 2g and I just wanted to make sure that I have done everything needed in order to sell it correctly.

I just saw the fully wipe thread so I will be doing that first hand..

then i'll do a system restore to 3.1.2 and using Blackrain to jailbreak it from there...

I'd use Spirit jailbreak and 3.1.3 but Spirit says it needs to be activated already? And I have no SIM card for that.

After I use Blackrain and its "hackavation" I can sell this to anyone using ATT service and they can just simply insert their preexisting SIM card correct?

I'm not too worried about having it unlocked (plus it's already been updated to 3.1.3 once before)

I just want to basically make sure it'll work correctly to whomever I sell it to, without much hassle besides them popping in a SIM card.