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Thread: Missing "Make My Life Easier Button", Please Help With a link?

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    Default Missing "Make My Life Easier Button", Please Help With a link?
    I'm sorry guys, I know that this has been asked a thousand times and I've tried searching for an answer in the forums, but I must be searching with the wrong search phrase or something.

    I've just used "Spirit" to jailbreak" my 3G iPhone, firmware version 3.1.3 and everything seemed to work fine, though when I opened Cydia I didn't have the "Make My Life Easier" button.

    Can someone either point me to a thread on how to either activate this button, or how I can work around it so I can store my SHSH blob before I go any further?

    I'm a straight out nOOb with jailbreaking and I just want to make sure that I do it all correctly so I don't screw anything up.

    Again I'm real sorry about needing to ask this because I'd normally be able to figure this sort of thing out easily, and I know it's a pain for you guys, but I'd really appreciate some help here?

    I was following a guide on Gizmodo and it doesn't show an alternative for if that button doesn't appear.

    Thanks in advance for any help or assistance, I really appreciate it.

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    The button doesn't appear because you have no SHSH blobs to back up.

    The 3GS iPhones are the only iPhone that need an SHSH blob to restore. 2g and 3g iPhone do NOT need a SHSH blob to restore to any firmware.

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    Default Thanks big time mate
    Thanks heaps for that mate, i can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

    I was freaking out there for a while and tryin to figure out why that button was missing when the guide i was following said it should've been there.

    At least now I know I can go ahead and start installing a few different apps without screwing everything up.

    I'm no stranger to doing hardware and software mods, but because this was my first iPhone, I wanted to be certain that I didn't screw it up.

    Again thanks for the quick reply.

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