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Thread: Using in Mexico

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    Question Using in Mexico
    Hi there. I've done some research but have not been able to find answers to all of my questions. Hopefully this isn't too complicated...

    I'm vacationing in Mexico in June for a week and I'd like to get a SIM card for emergency access. I've read that they're easy to get in the airport (or around the airport) and since my iPhone is unlocked that shouldn't be an issue. I do have two questions though:

    1. How do I disable all non-Wifi data while retaining the phone's ability to make and receive calls? Is this the purpose of a custom mobileconfig file? I'd like to sort this out before I leave.

    2. Once in Mexico with a Mexican SIM, can I call the US? I have no idea how that would work.


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    u can download datatoggle in cydia to disable things non wifi.

    and yea i think u can but it mite cost u

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    Yes +1 for the data toggle. Also You will be charged with their international rates if you use the card to call the US.

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    I just got back from a week in Mexico.

    I am on ATT and added the "Mexico" roaming package before I left, its $5.99/month and they prorate as soon as I got back I took it off and it ended up costing me about $2.

    So, with that you get $0.59/minute while your in Mexico...which isnt too bad. Its actually easier and cheaper than getting some type of prepayed sim from Mexico.

    And with that you can call the US at that rate.

    Also, to disable data all you have to do is this:

    1. Disable 3G
    2. Disable Data Roaming

    Both in Settings. Thats it, you will not use any data at all.

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    cpjr- thanks for your input. I think that's the easier solution here.

    If I disable 3G, couldn't the phone still use Edge? I'm concerned about all of those push services sending me stuff.

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    I'm pretty sure if you put some BS (or left it blank) in teh APN field, it'll fail to connect and you won't get any data.

    When I visit canada, I leave my tmobile sim in, and set data roaming off. It could never connect to Edge, and anytime I accidently clicked mail, it'd throw an error about data roaming being off and could not connect.

    If you disable data roaming and sign the AT&T Mexico Plan, there won't be any additional data charges since your phone won't connect due to Data Roaming being OFF

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    If you turn off data roaming....then you will NOT HAVE DATA SERVICE AT ALL.

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    This works in Africa too. Just in case you go there Just toggle off International Data Roaming and your 3G.

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