I have an 8GB iPhone 3G and I went and did the reset option to erase all content and settings. It's been almost 4 hours and it's still on the apple logo. It said it can take up to 2 hours but now I'm wondering if I should stop it but then I'd have to go to 3.1.3 as this one was on 3.1.2. Since this is not the 3GS the SHSH is not stored on Cydia but I could save it if I get it in recovery mode but will that allow me to restore it to 3.1.2 on a 3G? I know I can use snowbreeze and update the software to 3.1.3 and keep the baseband but I'd rather keep it on 3.1.2 if possible. I'm just looking for a few suggestions of if I should let it reset overnight before doing anything.