Hey guys, sorry to bother you, but i've ran into an issue and have yet found a working solution

what i did was try changing the 'slide to unlock' thing and i messed it up (N)

it displayed everything in capital letter like "SLIDE_TO_UNLOCK" etc

i looked for an untouched version of the SpringBoard.strings file and reinstalled that one, and everything went back to normal EXCEPT when i get a text message from someone not in my phonebook it says "TEXT_FROM_ONE_LINE" and i cant seem to figure out how to fix that.

i went to the downloads section on this site and used the 3.0 summerboard stings file and put that back, and everything is fine but still wont change that error.

i have an iphone 3gs, 16 gig, 3.1.3.

i'm suuupppper OCD when it comes to this kinda stuff so i'm almost thinking of doing a whole restore and redoing this all over again haha so if someone knows what to do, please share!

thank you very much

any help would be appreciated