I have an iPhone 2G. Jailbroken and unlocked. I went to this site and got my push working: How to make Ping! work for Jailbroken and Unlocked iPhones, 29/09/09, TECHBOY LONDON's Blog

Before I did anything what was on the above site, I could just send messages but not receive. I finally did what was said and forwarded port 5223 on my wi-fi.

So now push is working. But if I do not use it for sometime, like 2-3 hours it does not work. I use iPusher, a free app, which tells me if my push is working. Also I use Ping! to send message to myself, it goes but I do not receive it.

To make it work again I have to go into airplane mode for about 15 seconds and then switch off airplane mode. Then it works.

But I do not want to keep doing that. So any suggestions?