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Thread: is it possible to edit a SMS sender number i?

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    Default is it possible to edit a SMS sender number i?
    Is it possible to change the sender number of an sms in the "contact info" of a iphone text conversation. and how?

    Very Long story short......

    after a year of emails, texts and calls I accused my partners ex girlfriend of stealing my identity and harrassment to the police.

    in front of the police she denied involvement and showed me texts she had sent and receieved from my partner about cheating on me.

    I looked at the messages, looked at the contact info.....yes, my partner's number comes up in blue as the sender. i checked this about 5 times and so did the policeman.

    BUT..some things she said didn't add up......and things she has done in the past still make me feel she is capable of doing terrible things. i don't trust her.

    My partner has completely denied it and is trying to get bills from his telCo to prove it to me......but i'm worried that our telCo wont give enough info....

    the police ended involvment as it was no longer a police matter.

    i want to prove my partner is faithful. i left my city, my family and friends to start a life with this man. i don't mean to sound like a sucker or a sook but this is ruining my life...

    please help!

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    I ams so sorry to hear this. I am gonna be honest. U better do some more digging I have heard this story a million times and it always turn out the same.

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    I suppose someone could open up the txt message db, and replace the numbers, but I've never tried it.

    Sounds interesting tho, I'll pull my 3G out tommorow and see if its possible

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    Should be quite easy to do. Just edit the SMS.db or perhaps just the addressbook.sqlitedb would be better.

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    thank you for the help, i need it! how do you get into the SMS.db?

    Sounds silly but this is what i've done...

    i sent myself a string of texts and deleted every few to look like i was having a convo with someone else....then i went into "contact info" and edited the sender number and pressed save. The new number turns blue after it's saved, but if you exit out of the text it reverts back to the original needs to be permanent.....because each time i asked the ex to show me the texts at the police station, she did easily and quickly....

    i also found some crappy apps to mask contacts but this still doesn't edit the sms sender number.

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