I realize this has been discussed in many different threads but after reading as much as I could I'm more confused than ever.

Currently, I have a 16gb 3g (model beginning with MB), running 3.1.2 OS, and my FW is 05.11.07. It's currently JB with blackra1n. I bought a new PC (running Windows 7). My old PC (running XP) has the majority of my music (all of it coming from cd's, etc. I've never purchased much music from iTunes), plus has been the pc I use to sync my iPhone with. The old pc is a POS, and I desperately need to get everything moved (including my itunes library) to the new pc, without losing ANY data (music, photos, apps, contacts, etc), so I can sync with the better PC. I have updated iTunes on both computers to the newest version, and have purchased an external hard drive so I can transfer that way if it's easiest.

So, being the noob I am, I'm wondering if someone would be willing to walk me through how to do this. On the XP pc the only thing I've ever checked to sync is my apps...don't have it sync automatically, and have checked the option to manage my music manually (with the backup I did today I made sure to transfer all purchases, too). I have my iTunes account auth. on both pc's already, too, but still get the dreaded "you'll lose everything if you sync to the new pc" msg.

1. How do I transfer all my music to the new pc (not all the music is in my iTunes library, but IS in "my music folder). So what files do I need to copy to the ext HD, where are they located (is it just the my music folder?) and where do I copy them on the new pc?

2. How do I get all my iPhone info onto the ext HD (location of folders and which ones), and where do I place all that on the new PC, including my backup from today?

3. Will I lose my JB and be forced to upgrade to 3.1.3 and have to re-jailbreak? I don't mind having to do that as long as I can keep it at 3.1.2 and the FW at 05.11.07 (at least till OS 4 is officially released). A couple months ago I got stuck in the recovery loop and was able to shift+restore to custom 3.1.2 (which I still have on my old pc) and re-jb with blackra1n. Do i need to copy the custom files to the new pc too? Is blackra1n still my best option for jb'ing or should I use redsn0w or Spirit instead? I'm currently NOT unlocked but need to keep that option open.

3. I've been using both Cydia and Rock but have not updated either yet for fear it will crash my phone (after reading all the latest issues). I show rock needing 5 updates, and cydia has 6. Am I safe to do so now?

I have not learned how to SSH my phone (so can't do much with that) and haven't dL'ed a lot of 3rd party apps via cydia or rock, so I'm not too concerned with having to back those up. I can just re-dl them if needed.

I realize this post is long and filled with info, so I apologize. I want to make sure I do this right without having to deal with the hassle of losing everything (mostly music, apps, photos, contacts, sms, etc), re-jb'ing, and starting all over. Any guidance or tutorial-type instruction is so so greatly appreciated.