Hello all!

ive had unlocked a few iphones/ipod touches over the years , but this one has me stumped!!!

Ok, so i got my wife an iphone 2g. like mine it had 3.1.3 installed, and i jailbroke it with Redsn0w 9.4, as i had unlock and jailbread. i used the 3.1.2 ipsw as Redsn0w didnt recognise it.

two odds faults occured.

1. on the wifes, when you go to move the icons, the icons in the top 2 rows can only be moved within them, so you cannot move them into the bottom 2 rows, nor the main bar at the bottom. and likewise moving the bottom icons up into the top 2 rows

2. on mine, right at the bottom is really tempermental. i cannot write a text , nor delete emails, BUT yet i can access all the bottom bar features, make calls, scroll through apps like youtube, facebook etc....

Both phones are working fine , no dead bits on the screens and there are no other issues, but these are 2 rather random faults and i wondered if there is a fix for either one.

did i do something wrong in the JB process??
Should i use something else to unlock jb etc....??

Any help would be great.

Thanks all