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Thread: gcc issues!

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    Default gcc issues!
    I know alot of people here are new and only care about the jailbreaking aspect of this... well if you are that person please do not flame this post...JB is cool for beginners its not the most important aspect of this its just the door.. no offense to anyone its just that i have accessed several IRC looking for some assistance and they were flooded with beginners wondering what button to press in limera1n or spirit or what ever the new JB is... im still 3.1.2 xD

    Anyways to the point...

    I usually use my Linux/Hackint0sh to compile stuff. But I have been wanting to compile stuff for the iphone so i decieded to start and installed the ToolChain 3.0 and GNU C compilar to my iphone... first off the headers were in /var/include and not usr/local/include so I ran the following command in

    gcc -I /var/include helloWorld.c -o tester

    I was tempted just to do a ln in the usr/local/include but decided not to... all this because the simple stdio.h was not in the right spot so now I get a new error in regards to the usr/local/bin/ld which is just a soft link

    lrwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel ********************************* ld -> ld64

    so the error says BAD CPU type in executable i know this means that the bin was compiled for something that isnt arm-apple-darwin most likely it is i386-apple-darwin .... what i dont understand is that i downloaded this from Cydia TheWorm repo and soo it also has the ldid and i believe these two are connected so what I am wondering is do I need to open my hackint0sh and just ssh over the ld & ld64 if i see it in the sdk or what do I have to do i do not know where I can get these files if they are not in the SDK...

    Help please

    I am an experienced C programmer, unix admin, and I will follow any suggestions given I need this asap...

    Thank you Victis out!

    Victis-UberGoths-iPhone:/tmp root# gcc -I /var/include helloWorld.c
    collect2: error trying to exec '/usr/local/bin/ld': execvp: Bad CPU type in executable
    collect2: ld returned 255 exit status

    I went into the SDK and copied the files and renamed them and still same error... and the files in the sdk say universal binary when I look in the Get info option on my hackint0sh soooooo idk what is wrong..... cursed iphone im going to bed please please please if anyone knows how to fix this please comment below....

    btw im almost done with the UI and a few changes to the SafariDNS tweek.... ill be uploading it to cydia mid may.... I was also working on finding a Jailbreak exploit with a program chpwn gave me called IDA pro but they beat me to it! grrrrrr I know that this whole topic is kinda dumb because i can use my linux box which also runs macOS but i sometimes want to compile stuff when not at home or stuff i get of the internet and i want to compile them for the iphone on the iphone not have to go through the hassel of a cross compile

    sorry for the grammer it is 1:26am here

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    omg no one can help with this?

    bump !!!

    please jesus I know their are people who know how to do this here!!!! please guys....

    I just want to port Nmap 2.30 to my iphone and then upload it to Cydia if anyone wants to see new unix binaries for the iphone then you should help me out.... Jailbreaking is fun but using the phone as a tool for programming and hacking is what jailbreaking is about for me not just themes and customization!!!

    so please help!

    ok i managed to figure out how to compile C for my iphone on my Mac but im trying to compile nmap and im getting errors im trying to compile it from scratch no using the MakeFile nor ./configure because i have no idea how to do that and make it not install on my pc.....

    Please someone look at these errors please someone help me with this!!!!

    Viewing Paste #30112


    im very disappointed in how many people who jb dont have any idea how must of this stuff works... theming isnt everything people..... please some who knows more then me please help me with the above!
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