For all of you guys who have no wifi at home and want to transfer ebooks to Stanza =)

Things you will need:

A jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch

SSH installed on your iPhone/iPod Touch
You can get it via Cydia

to convert eBooks into the desired format. You can get it here

Software to access your iPhone/iPod Touch via SSH
Just google for it. There are plenty of solutions.

How To:

Make sure the eBook you want tio transfer is in a format Stanza can read. I prefer .epub.
To convert ebooks to .epub use calibre.

SSH into your iPhone/ iPod Touch and go to
/private/var/mobile/Applications/"device specific number"/Documents/Shared/Import

Copy the eBook to that folder

Launch Stanza

Tap on the books icon (should have a red bubble with a number in it)

You're done. Enjoy reading your eBook =)

Hope it works for all of you and if you have questions feel free to ask.