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Thread: Recover deleted txt messages?? Is it possible?

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    Question Recover deleted txt messages?? Is it possible?
    I accidentally deleted a very important txt message that I need to recover and restore to my 3gs.

    I have not synced and (auto sync is off) and my 3gs is not jail-broken until the spirit hack comes out.

    Is it possible to recover the message? Even better would be to restore it to the phone.

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    unless you backed up your iphone to itunes when you had this text message, there is no other way of retrieving it now.
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    Wow. That's bad news then.

    I'd seen some info about reading the database file that the txt are stored in but without a jailbreak that will be tough to get.

    Thank you spirit!!!

    Ok now that I'm jailbroken is it possible?
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    should be. there's guides to ssh into your phone from windows.

    download the files: sms.db and/or sms.db.sg1bak from /var/mobile/Library/SMS

    i think the sms.db.sg1bak is a backup of older messages. now i'm not sure, but you could rename this to sms.db and upload that back to your phone (probably AFTER renaming the old sms.db). you will most likely lose your more recent text messages but you'll have the message back.

    do you HAVE to have that message back on your phone? if not you could just look for it in the sms.db w/ sqlite manager and type it in your on your phone? just throwing some suggestions out there for ya. hope this at least gets you rolling in the right direction!

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