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Thread: Are we using a PROXY????? OPERA?

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    Default Are we using a PROXY????? OPERA?
    Hey, I just noticed something.... I was messing with my iphone trying to hacking to my jobs database from my Pc and transfer some files with a Proxy... Then retrieve them from my phone but I wanted to spoof my UDID just in case... btw I work in a software developing company (nameless for my own security)....
    Anyways before I went to spoof my UDID i tried a little experiment... I sent myself an email from my iphone and the External IP was something right.... So I opened OPERA and went to and they didnt match up....

    Thus I then opened and went to and it was the same IP that was in the heading of my email obviously.... So I am now wondering if we are using some sort of proxy.... that would also explain why the tweak I developed doesnt seem to work with the OPenDNS test pages.... If we are using a PROXY.....

    Can someone please look into this with me?
    Victis OUT

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    Didnt u say u were done with modmyi?

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    Opera uses a proxy to compress the webpages

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    ok i was just wandering....

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    Right, that's just how Opera Mini works. Their servers do all the page rendering, then they compress it and send you the finished product that requires little processing directly on the iPhone.

    For this reason you should be careful before doing anything sensitive with Opera Mini, like logging into your bank etc, since it's decrypted at Opera's end and re-encrypted to send it to you.

    Note that Opera Mini is currently the only browser on the App Store that functions this way. Every other browser will download and render everything directly on the iPhone, so you'll see the same IP address as the source every time.

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    I give this two weeks before apple gets mad and removes it... Its way better then safari even though its missing a few little stuff that im sure the opera devs plan on including soon like pinch scrolling and javascript but ummm but Apple will remove it you will see... Classic Apple

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    very edgy latly victis
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