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Thread: music disappeared, not enough space to put it back. wtf.

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    Default music disappeared, not enough space to put it back. wtf.
    alright so basically i just let friend borrow my iphone for like half an hour. not a good idea, i know, but he is my friend, he wouldn't leave me alone about it, and he was giving me a dollar. so, anyways he just went on youtube and gave it back to me

    not sure if that stuff matters but heres the problem

    all my music was gone. i left it that way for about a day, and when i went to put it back the thing said i needed about 3 gigs more memory. i didnt put anything on in the day, but i did have to push restore backup of iphone.

    some other stuff that might help: i like noticed like i have no idea how long ago that my phone was like 5 centimeters from full, i think. like two bars in the measurement thing in itunes, and kept adding applications and music indefinitely. it was only about 50 songs tho, and i just assumed the applications were too small to really matter. i'm not sure if that should have happened, but if it happened once it should be able to again, right?

    i've got version 1.1.2, the 8 gig one and i just use installer. i've used ifuntastic too, but nowhere near recently.

    anyways, please help me out, right now i'm just like wtf how did this happen, but any comments would be appreciated. thanks.

    oh, yeah, i wasn't able to really figure out which category this would go in, but i swear i did look at them, so if it should be in a different one feel free to let me know

    so, yeah. please help me out, any comments would be appreciated, thanks again

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    you should check if you have swaptunes, or swap library installed, because if you do your friend mightve clicked it thinking it was a game or something and it mightve switched your library to an empty one, so if u have it installed try clicking swaptunes or swaplibrary again and see if your songs come back.

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    holy **** it worked. thank u so much

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    i did install that program swaptuned i don't think it worked of me after several tries i did end up removing it but music still missing and tried a reinstall but its still showing it full 3.01

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