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Thread: Help Getting Apple to Replace 3Gs please

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    Default Help Getting Apple to Replace 3Gs please
    So i bought a pretty much brand new 3gs and its not recognizing sim cards. Ive tried 4 different at&t sims.
    I called apple and they said its a hardware issue, and since its under warranty, i should bring it in to be replaced. Lol and id really like t replaced to be honest.

    So my question is: What key words could i say to ensure that they replace it? And like what shouldnt I say?

    -i just dont want to be like i bought it off craigslist, and them say oh sorry warranties are not transferable or something like that.
    -I also heard if you ask they will give you a phone thats on 3.1.2 or something like that.

    Any comments please =]
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    The warranty goes off the purchase date and the serial number when they look it up. If you're an AT&T customer with ANY iPhone that is less than a year old they will replace it if it's a hardware issue. You should have no problems.

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    I had a phone that I got screwed over on a sale, and took it to apple. I told them: I bought this from a guy on craigslist, it worked fine until X days ago, and now the speaker doesn't work. There were no signs of water damage, they didn't care about transferring this or that, they simply replaced it.
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    they dont care they just strip it down fix it and sell it to some one else or give it to a person like you as a refurb
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